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What is the Sirius Guild?

Sirius Guild is made up of Canine Freestyle Federation members in the mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We work together to share the joy of freestyle and to support each other and to promote and support the CFF organization.

Janet and her terriers

CFF has been holding classes and competitions in the mid-Atlantic since 1995 and as the organization grew nationwide, the guilds were created in 2002 to provide an organized way to bring sometimes far flung members together regularly for mutual assistance. Guilds were established as “local clubs” where individuals could train together, share resources and knowledge, give demonstrations and work in concert to bring about additional training and competitive activities. Each guild is a ‘safe haven’ where the individual teams can present their work in progress and get constructive feedback. The guild is a place where all members are encouraged to grow and learn. The goal in CFF is to establish a better relationship with your dog—to become “one with your dog.”

Membership in the Sirius Guild is automatic once you've joined the Canine Freestyle Federation.  For more information on CFF membership, click on Join below.

Sirius Guild President: Brandy Clymire
Treasurer: Marge Hetrick Training Director: Joan Tennille.